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1. Is identity theft a problem I should worry about?

YES!  It’s one of the fastest growing crimes in America.  More than 16.7 MILLION have already fallen victim.  $16.8 BILLION was stolen in 2017 alone.  

Plus, when it’s YOUR money and YOUR good credit record being stolen, identity theft suddenly becomes a legal and financial nightmare.

2. Why is identity theft a bigger problem for people age 65 and older?

By age 65, you’ve spent decades building your savings and your financial reputation.  Then imagine watching all that disappear because someone stole your identity, took the money from your accounts, and went on a shopping spree using your good name.

At that age, you may simply not have enough time to rebuild your financial security.  That’s where ID Resolve comes in.  They protect your money, save your time, and give you back financial peace of mind by helping to take care of everything if you fall victim to identity theft.

3. I don’t have a huge nest egg. Should I really worry about identity theft?

It really doesn’t matter how much savings you have.  If you’ve got a Social Security number, you’re exactly the type of target identity thieves love.

4. Can identity thieves really take out loans in my name?

 Absolutely.  Once they have information like your Social Security number, they can begin creating documents like false driver’s licenses that can help them open accounts or apply for loans in your name.

5. I’m really careful when I used credit cards online and in stores. Shouldn’t my identity be safe?

Not necessarily.  You can be extremely vigilant when you shop online or use your cards at local stores.  But you could still fall victim to a data breach at a major company.  For instance, retailers like Target and Home Depot have been hacked.  And if you used your card at one of their stores, then that card information may very well be compromised. 

6. How hard is it to clean up after an identity thief strikes?

Be prepared to invest hours on top of hours in phone calls.  Follow up letters to document your calls.  Monitoring accounts.  Talking to banks, loan companies, credit card companies, the Social Security Administration, and credit bureaus.  Maybe even filing reports with the police.  

Or … you could avoid all those headaches by putting ID Resolve on your case.  They know who to call.  What paperwork to file.  And exactly what follow is needed to stop identity thieves in their tracks.  And they’ll keep you informed with regular updates all along the way.