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1. Identity Thieves Target Tax Returns

Andrew J.* was shocked when his accountant notified him that someone had already filed fraudulent state and federal tax returns in his name.

While his accountant had notified the IRS of the situation, Andrew was justifiably concerned that his other accounts may be in danger.

Andrew contacted ID Resolve who quickly moved into action:

    Identity and credit monitoring was immediately activated.  This would serve as an ongoing notification for Andrew in case there were changes to his credit report or fraudulent uses of his personal information.
    A 7-year fraud alert was placed on his account.
    An official complaint was filed with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
    To help avoid future issues, ID Resolve instigated a 5-year opt-out on pre-approved credit card offers in Andrew’s name.

These services totaled dozens of hours of work.  All handled on Andrew’s behalf.  With absolutely no charge to him.

2. Bank Flags Account Fraud

Brenda S.* had to sit down when her bank called her.  They said that someone had been making withdrawals from her account … but they had just determined that person was NOT her.

Although they were able to put the money back in her account, they had no guarantees that the identity thief wasn’t targeting her in other ways.

Brenda didn’t know where to turn.  So she called ID Resolve.  Her resolution specialist knew Brenda couldn’t just let this rest:

    First, they provided Brenda with a copy of her current credit report.  This was a smart snapshot to help her quickly identify if any other accounts had been fraudulently opened in her name.
    Then the ID Resolve resolution specialist enrolled Brenda in monitoring services with all three credit bureaus.  This would quickly alert her to any subsequent changes in her credit reports.
    A 90-day fraud alert was also placed on Brenda’s credit report.  This required credit bureaus to notify her if any new accounts were opened in her name.
    To help make sure no one opened new credit cards in Brenda’s name, a 5-year opt-out on pre-approved credit card offers was activated.
    To document the situation, a complaint was also filed with the Federal Trade Commission.

Each of these steps served as an “early warning system” to help Brenda make sure no one else tried to take money from her accounts or open new accounts in her name.  The result was immeasurable financial peace of mind.

BEST OF ALL:  These ID Resolve services cost Brenda nothing.

3. Credit Report Fraud

Mark P.* was alarmed when he received a fraud alert that someone had tried to inquire on two of his credit reports. Knowing it wasn't a result of an action he had taken, he immediately contacted ID Resolve 360 for support.

In order to help protect Mark, the Resolution Specialist enrolled him in permanent opt-out services and filed an FTC complaint on his behalf. Additionally, a fraudulent inquiry was submitted to both Equifax and Experian. To make sure no further actions could be taken on Mark's credit, a Credit Freeze was placed on his reports.

The ID Resolve resolution specialist stayed in contact with Mark throughout the process to ensure that this fraudulent inquiry had been deleted on his credit report.

Thanks to the quick response of the ID Resolve specialist, and safeguards put in place (at no cost to Mark), he can now have a peace of mind knowing he has reduced his risk of future fraud.